Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is intended to ensure Users as to how GPIB CINERE uses and protects User information obtained through the Site.


User Information
GPIB CINERE obtains User information when:
• Users access the Site to make Donations.
• Users contact GPIB CINERE to find out more information related to Donations.


User Information can be in the form of name, e-mail address, or other data that the User provides (“User Data”). GPIB CINERE guarantees not to disseminate User Data to any party and for any reason other than interests related to Donations.


User Data
The Credit Card or Debit Card data that the User uses to make donations will be handled directly by Paypal and Sociabuzz (please see the privacy policies of Paypall, Sociabuzz, and Wise). GPIB CINERE guarantees that it will not store User’s Credit Card or Debit Card data for any reason.


GPIB CINERE will only use User Data for the purposes of:
• Record receipt of Donations
• Sending confirmation of acceptance of Donations through a note of gratitude for the participations of the Donor.


User Data Protection
GPIB CINERE protects User Data from being used by unauthorized parties. However, GPIB CINERE cannot guarantee the security of User Data if the User uses a public internet network or uses a computer device that is used by the public.


Cookies Policy
By using this Site, the User agrees to use existing ‘cookies’. The cookies feature is not only necessary for the Site to function properly but allows GPIB CINERE to provide better use of the Site. Cookies can be deleted or blocked by changing the User’s site settings or changing the settings menu in the browser application used. Information about cookies will not be used as a personal identity for Users, while data used on the site is still monitored by GPIB CINERE.


Cookies are used for the following purposes:
• Store User’s device or computer information while surfing from one session to another.
• Perform statistical analysis in order to improve the functionality of the Site or any services contained on this Site.


By using this Site, the User expresses his/her consent to the use of cookies that automatically record the User’s activities. By activating this section of cookies, Users no longer need to activate the Site, Users can still surf this site better. Information regarding cookies will not be used to identify User data and data related to site usage patterns are stored under the control of GPIB CINERE.


Please note that when accessing the Site and clicking on a site link belonging to a Third Party, namely a site that is used as a special external service tool to receive Donations from Donors, it is possible to use cookies on their site, the control of which is beyond the control of GPIB CINERE.


Third Party Platforms
This site is connected to Third Party sites namely SociaBuzz, PayPal, Wise, QRIS and others that have been selected to process donation receipts. For this reason, the User will be connected directly to the Third-Party platform which automatically uses the Terms and Conditions of each platform; thus, the site operates outside the supervision of GPIB CINERE.


If a User accesses a Third-Party site, the Third-Party operator will obtain User data so that it is automatically included in their Privacy Policy. Therefore, it is recommended that donors study the Terms and Conditions on these Third-Party sites before making a donation.


Other Terms
• The titles and descriptions contained in these Terms and Conditions are included to help understand the matters stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.
• If the User wants to contact GPIB CINERE regarding the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy or to obtain further information regarding Donations, please contact GPIB CINERE via: