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History of GPIB Cinere

About GPIB CINERE, Depok
The congregation of GPIB Cinere is a member of the Synod of the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB), which is registered and incorporated in the Republic of Indonesia. The congregation of GPIB CINERE was institutionalized on June 13, 2010.


The forming of GPIB CINERE
The congregation of GPIB Jemaat Cinere was formed as a result of the division of the ministerial area from the congregation of GPIB Sumber Kasih, South Jakarta, which was previously part of the congregation of GPIB Effatha in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.


The condition of Church Members in the Cinere Ministerial Area
For some members of the congregation, the church location of the GPIB Sumber Kasih is difficult to reach due to its distance which is considerably far, especially those who do not have private vehicles that have to make multiple transfers of public transportation. In addition, the congested traffic has also increased due to the increase of the number of vehicles in the area. Some members chose to attend services at nearby churches of other denominations due to ease and convenience as it is closer in distance and more easily accessible by public transportation.


The Institutionalization of the Cinere Ministerial Area
Due to such conditions, in July 1993, the Board of Church Council at GPIB Sumber Kasih institutionalized services in the Cinere area with the aim that the worship place is closer to the members of the congregation.

With God’s help, the first service in the Cinere ministerial area began with a Sunday service held on 11 June 1995. The services were held alternately in the houses of the church members on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.


House of Prayer
On 25 November 2001, the Church Council rented a two-story shop house as a place of worship to hold services and other church activities exclusively for the congregation. This House of Prayer later became an asset for the Synod of GPIB.


The Journey to Become an Independent Congregation
The congregation conducted a questionnaire to acquire the name of the congregation; the selected name was GPIB CINERE. The institutionalization of the congregation of GPIB CINERE took place on Sunday, 13 June 2010 by the Chairman of the GPIB Synod Council, Rev. Mr. STh. Kaihatu STh who officially instituted GPIB CINERE as the 299th congregation of the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB).


Board of the Church Council
GPIB Congregation Cinere, Cinere, Depok
Cinere, November 2020


GPIB is to be a church that creates peace for all of His creation



To become a church that is continually being renewed based on God’s Word, which is manifested in the behavior of church members, both in fellowship and in community life.


To become a church that exists as an example of life, which is realized through initiative and participation in social solidarity and harmony in society, based on strong and prosperous family life behaviors.


To become a church that builds the integrity of creation that is manifested through attention to the environment, the spirit of oneness and the spirit of unity and integrity of Church members as members of the community.



They will come from the east and the west, from the north and the south, and sit down in the kingdom of God.

About GPIB

GPIB (Protestant Church in Western Indonesia) is part of the GPI (Indonesian Protestant Church) which was formerly known as Indische Kerk. The Church theology was based on the teachings of the Reformation of John Calvin, a French Reformer who later moved to Geneva to lead the church.


At the time of its founding in 31 October 1948, GPIB was named De Protestantse Kerk in Westelijk Indonesië based on the Church-Order and Church-Regulations presented by the proto-Synod to the AM Worker Body (Algemene Moderamen) of the Indonesian Protestant Church.


The first Synod Assembly of De Protestantse Kerk in Westelijk Indonesië was:
1. Ds. J.A. de Klerk (Chair)
2. Ds. B.A. Supit (Deputy Chairman)
3. Ds. LA. Snijders (Secretary I)
4. Pnt. J.A. Huliselan (Second Secretary)
5. Pnt. E.E. Marthens (Treasurer)
6. Pnt. E.A.P. Klein (Advisor)
7. Ds. D.F. Sahulata (Indonesian Pastor)
8. Ds. J.H. Stegeman (Dutch Pastor)


When it was first formed, GPIB had SEVEN Klasis (now called Deliberation Services) with 53 congregations.


In addition to the Indonesian Protestant Church (GPI), GPIB is also a member of the Guild of Churches in Indonesia (PGI), the Asian Council of Churches (CCA), the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC), and the World Council of Churches. (WCC).


GPIB Synod Assembly
Jl. Merdeka Timur. No.10
Gambir, Central Jakarta

P: (021) 384 2895; (021) 384 9917
F: (021) 385 9250

Ministry and Testimony

On behalf of the Church Council, an assigned Commission, carries out services which is generally aimed at pre-prosperous congregations, including, though not limited to, residents who do not have a permanent job, have low income, or widows or widowers who have no income. Material assistance is provided in the form of rice, milk for children and the elderly, payment of government insurance contributions and/or school fees, medical examinations for all members of the congregation, and other assistance provided when needed. The distribution of such services occurs monthly.


In addition to material assistance, beneficiary residents are also given spiritual guidance through sermons, and reference books to read the Bible every day and ensure their attendance at church services. Assistance will be discontinued once families are considered to be capable of supporting their own lives.


Another form of service are Care Visits to the elderly, sick congregations and congregations who have just experienced grief during the Christmas season, and visits to Emeritus Reverends or GPIB pastor widows in Easter.


Apart from serving the members of the congregation, the program also serves those who are not members of the church, such as those who conduct daily activities around the church location, which include parking attendants, pedicab drivers, and low income food vendors. Assistance is provided in the form of non-perishable food items, such as rice, sugar, instant noodles, and syrup. The distribution of such items are given specifically on the occasion of Eid al- Fitr, and also to provide food to break the fast during the month of Ramadan.


The ministry also works with the local government to domicile the church to provide health services for underprivileged residents as determined by the local government. The same service is also carried out with other churches in remote areas with the coordination of the local government. This activity is carried out once a year or when needed.

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Board of GPIB CINERE Church Council

Chairman: Rev. Betty A. Kailola-Nahumury, STh
Chairman I: Mr. Fransetyaheru S. Mboeik
Chairman II: Mr. Jemmy A. Persang
Chairman III: Mr. Valery A. Siwy
Chairman IV: Mr. Richard J. Lumbantobing
Chairman V: Mr. Richard F. Wawolumaya
Secretary: Mrs. Deborah C. Lopulalan – M
Secretary I: Mrs. Angelique C. Hatibie
Secretary II: Mrs. A. Monika Saetakela – M
Treasurer: Mrs. Fiece M. Mbouw – S
Treasurer I: Mrs. Fenny N. Nasa – M

GPIB CINERE Church Building Committee

Rev. A.J.M Loppies – M
Rev. D.D Loblobly – L
Rev. F.T Matulandi – K


Chairman: Mr. Nokke Mbouw
Deputy Chairman: Mr. Octavianus Wenas
Secretary: Mrs. Marisa A. B Kristianto – P.
Treasurer: Mrs. Grace T. S Manupassa – S
Members: Mr. Aditya Utama Kusuma