Terms & Conditions

The site https://donate.gpibcinere.org (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) is created, owned, and operated by GPIB Jemaat Cinere, Depok (hereinafter referred to as “GPIB CINERE”) as one of the efforts to procure funds for the construction of the GPIB CINERE church building located in Depok, West Java, Indonesia. This site is made for the purposes of each individual themselves, including the associates of the GPIB CINERE Congregation.


Site Usage
By accessing any part of this Site, the User acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, agreed to, and is bound by the Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy as stated in these Terms and Conditions.


1. User Authority
These Terms and Conditions authorize Users to use this Site. Users who access this site are considered willing participants as donors for the construction of the GPIB CINERE church building.
a. If the User accesses and/or downloads any content from this Site, the User has no right to change and/or modify the Site content for any reason.
b. The User warrants that he/she will only use this Site for donation purposes and not for any other unlawful purpose.


2. About the Site
a. GPIB CINERE is the copyright holder of all content contained in this Site, namely: logo; name; icons; layout; design; etc.
b. If there is content that is copyrighted by Users on this Site, please contact GPIB CINERE via e-mail to info@gpibcinere.org showing the relevant evidence.
c. The content and features of the Site may be modified by GPIB CINERE at any time without notice to the User.
d. All content contained on the Site is content that is officially and legally valid. The content replaces all content that may have been previously communicated between the User and GPIB CINERE, both in writing and orally.


3. Site Usage Restrictions
Users are prohibited from the following:
a. Modifying any information contained in the Site;
b. Using the Site or the information in it, including but not limited to usage of the logo to create other content without the knowledge of GPIB CINERE or spam material;
c. Uploading or sending written or audio messages or recorded photos or videos that attack individuals or groups; contain hoax content; violence; unlawful content; slander; insult; hatred; pornography; immoral content; violence; threats; misleading information; fraudulent material; racial and ethnical extremists, as well as those of sects/other religions, and organizations.
d. All Legal Violations are entirely the responsibility of the User, and GPIB CINERE, as the owner of the Site, is freed from all legal claims and losses.


4. Donation
a. Definition: in accordance with the purpose of this Site, Donations are gifts in monetary form, which are donated by donors to GPIB CINERE through electronic authorization on this Site.
b. Donors are Users who make Donations.
c. The Third Party is the provider of the payment gateway system accepting donations.
d. By giving a Donation, the Donor agrees that GPIB CINERE has the right to use the donation for the construction of the church building as described above.
e. If possible and necessary, GPIB CINERE will provide proof of receipt of Donations to Donors.


5. User Discretion
By using this Site, the User consents to the collection and use of Personal Data by GPIB CINERE.
a. Possible Risk
GPIB CINERE strives to create a secure Site, but cannot guarantee the confidentiality and security of all communications or materials sent to the Site via the internet network. The internet network used is at the risk of each User.
b. Loss Claim
GPIB CINERE is not responsible for any claim for loss caused by something beyond the control of GPIB CINERE, including but not limited to failure of electronic devices, communication lines, or other technical or non-technical problems.
c. Compensation
User agrees to indemnify GPIB CINERE, arising from Third Party claims based on or related to User’s use of the Site on the applicable Terms and Conditions.
d. Compensation
If the User, at his/her own discretion, provides ideas, suggestions, information, posts, materials, or other content that cannot be canceled, including but not limited to adopting, distributing, copying, analyzing, or other derivative works, displaying or acting without GPIB CINERE’s approval, the User acknowledges and agrees that everything provided by the User is royalty free and the User will not charge compensation for any use by GPIB CINERE for all that the User has provided.
e. Dispute resolution
Any disputes, controversies, and/or claims arising from Users related to the Terms and Conditions on this Site, including but not limited to any disputes relating to the content of the Site, will be resolved by amicable deliberation. In the event that the amiable deliberations fail and end in a stalemate, the User and GPIB CINERE agree to resolve the dispute to the Registrar’s Office of the Depok District Court.
f. Site Usage Term
These Terms and Conditions come into effect when the User first accesses the Site and ends after the User terminates their use.
g. Reservation Rights
Certain pages or features of the Site may have different terms and conditions which are disclosed to Users when Users access such pages or features. In the event of a conflict of Terms and Conditions, GPIB CINERE reserves the right to make adjustments to the conflicting provisions.